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Imádkozzunk a Pápával

Október 2014
Napi felajánlás: 

O Lord God, King of heaven and earth, may it please Thee this day to order and to hallow, to rule and to govern our hearts and our bodies, our thoughts, our words and our works, according to Thy law and in the doing of Thy commandments, that we, being helped by Thee, may here and hereafter worthily be saved and delivered by Thee, O Saviour of the world, who livest and reignest forever and ever.

And I pray for the Pope's intentions with Mary and the whole Church this month:


Az imaapostolság szándékai erre a hónapra:
Egyetemes imaszándék: 

Hogy az Úr adjon békét a világ azon vidékeinek, amelyeket leginkább gyötör a háború és az erőszak.


Az evangelizálásért végzett imaszándék: 

hogy a Világmisszió napja újra felgyullassza minden hívőben, hogy célunk elvinni az Örömhírt a világon mindenkihez.



Harvesters in the Fields

In St John's Gospel, Jesus says, ‘He who believes in me believes not in me but in him who sent me. And He who sees me sees him who sent me.’ Since we are also called and sent, we are commissioned by the Lord Himself. What we need to reflect on is the fact that we are not doing our own business but we are continuing with the mission of the Lord himself. We also need to ask ourselves whether we are doing this work alone or with and for him. Jesus also says, ‘I have not spoken on my own authority but the Father who sent me has himself commanded me what to say and what to speak.’ As Christians, we are invited to take these words to heart during this Year of Faith. For us to succeed in achieving the dreams of our lives we need mentors. For Christians, our greatest mentor is Jesus Himself. If we believe in Him, listen to him, follow in his footsteps we shall surely become his true followers. Jesus is our great role model. He never gave up. He knew he was not alone. He was always in communion with his Father. For our mission to be effective and bear fruit in our world today we must attach ourselves to the True Vine, lest we hear him say to us, ‘Amen, I say to you, I know you not’ (Mt 25:12). The worst feature of this declaration is that it could be final. There might never be another after it. I, therefore, feel that we are all called to pray more fervently and to call upon Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament so that we can be missionaries who leave a lasting mark wherever we take the word of God. May 'Our Lady of the Missions' be always with us. Sr Mary Joseph Nyambura, Sisters of Emmanuel, Kenya

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